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I’ve been a vegetarian all my life. My mum reckons it’s because I saw a dead pheasant on the dinner table when I was very small and since then I did everything I could to eat only plant-based food.  Anything that resembled meat on my plate ended up on the floor or in the dog’s mouth! At the same time, I’ve always had a passion for food and cooking in particular. That passion led me from Dublin to Shannon where I studied Hotel Management so that I could become a chef.  

During college, I had work placements where I trained in various types of kitchens from cafés all the way up to five-star restaurants.  It was a strange time for me. I found that my vegetarian diet just wasn’t compatible with my chef training, because I had to cook and taste meat in order to satisfy my customers. I was supposed to be living the dream, working in fabulous restaurants in cities such as Geneva, but it actually dulled my passion for cooking so much that I gave it up professionally. Instead, I moved into Human Resource Management.

The passion for cooking never went away, and when my daughter Shaena and I decided to go VEGAN in 2016, I had a light bulb moment: “why don’t I cook what I want to cook”?  I decided to put all my influences, experiences and passions together and cook again, creating “Happy Food at Home”.

Around this time I received a Breast Cancer diagnosis. I had surgery and went through treatment. I was more determined than ever to live a VEGAN lifestyle.  I need to point out that VEGANISM is an ethos, a lifestyle, which I discuss in my blog and other areas of the website, but I really want to convince you all that plant-based food is delicious, healthy, balanced and you will not miss the meat.

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