Happy Vegan Christmas

Cookery Book full of wonderful plant based recipes
Tasty, healthy food to be enjoyed by all the family at Christmas

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In stock

The aim of this book, is to make Christmas easy for those catering for Vegans, and for Vegans that want to make Christmas easy on themselves. Whether you enjoy cooking or not, the recipes are simple, with normal ingredients that you can buy from your local supermarket. Although I try to buy locally from growers.

These recipes are full of flavour and nutritious ingredients.

Due to the excitement of getting Happy Vegan Christmas cookbook launched in a hurry for Christmas, there was an error in one of the Dessert titles, Von's Christmas Coconut Bars should have read Yon's Chocolate Coconut Cake. To insure you get all the recipes the Coconut Bars recipe is attached below... and oh yea please also add a cup of apple sauce to the Yule Tide Slice!

Download Yon's Coconut Bar Recipe